Business Automation is More than Just Software

A lot depends on how you you fit the pieces of your business together, managing silos of information and making sure the right people get the right information at the right time.

B & B Consulting is dedicated to delivering business solutions that work anywhere - your server, in the cloud or on your handheld device. Our knowledge based projects typically center around the 3C's of current business technology - Collaboration, Cloud and CRM.


Business collaboration brings a very high return to today's businesses.The ability to be able to work as a team from virtually anywhere and be able to share everything from documents and spreadsheets to live video is truly a game changer. Collaborative technology is no longer a competitive advantage, it is a competitive necessity.


Everybody (well, most everybody) is wanting to move towards cloud computing. Should you? Understanding what "cloud computing" really is and how it can benefit your organization is not as easy as it sounds. There are tremendous advantages and any number of dangers involved in moving your business applications into the cloud.


The term CRM has really been over used and mis-used over the last several years. It is not just a software solution for your sales team. Anywhere you need to record background notes, track activity history and build relationships between people and organizations a CRM application may be the answer for you.